Ways to Support the Severe Weather Network


Ways to Help

  1. Make a Donation
  2. Sign up to be a Host Site
  3. Sign up to be a Host Partner
  4. Coordinate a Supply Drive
  5. Spread the word
  6. Refer individuals

Become a Host Site

Each SWC Host Site provides the following:

  1. Facility room(s) or area(s) in which the guests will sleep
  2. Parking for the guest automobiles
  3. A kitchen facility with refrigeration storage
  4. A dining area with tables and chairs
  5. Bathroom facilities including showers if available
  6. Access to janitorial cleaning supplies(vacuum, mop, toilet brushes, garbage cans)
  7. A SWC Host Site Team Coordinator is responsible for insuring volunteer staffing is in place either through the host church or partner churches for each night of the week.  This individual is the direct contact person for the SWC and must remain on call at all times the SWC is operational.

Coordinate a Supply Drive

Collect items for use at Severe Weather Center.  To obtain a list of needed items:

Contact Diane Duncan @ Severe Weather Network:


Become a Host Partner

The Host Partner is responsible to provide the following:

  1. A SWC Partner Team Coordinator(s) – Responsible for the recruitment, on-site training, scheduling of volunteers and documenting volunteer training.
  2. A Nightly Volunteer Team – This team consists of 7-10 volunteers. Volunteer duties are as follows:
    1. Registration/Intake Desk
    2. Meal Preparation (Meals are prepared off-site)
    3. Meal Service
    4. Overnight Hosts – 2 Male/2 Female dependent on guest gender at the facility
    5. On Call Laundry Volunteers

Spread the word about SWN

Tell your pastors, committee chairs, local businesses and community leaders about us!

Refer Homeless Individuals

Refer homeless individuals to Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency (OLHSA)