Hours of Operation

The Severe Weather Network will operate from December 1 through mid-April from 6:00 p.m. through 7:00 a.m. nightly.

Guest Referral to the Severe Weather Center

Homeless individuals are made aware of the Severe Weather Network (SWN) mainly through the Salvation Army, Love INC and Oakland Livingston Human Services Agency (OLHSA).  Regardless of how each individual is referred to the Severe Weather Center (SWC), each potential guest is required to participate in the OLHSA Intake Process to determine their eligibility.  Potential guests are notified by OLHSA intake staff in advance of the 

Those who are not eligible to access the SWC facility are encouraged to reach out to family or friends, other refuges, or as a last resort, may be provided a motel voucher.

Who is Served

Single men, women and couples without children will be able to access the Severe Weather Center.

Due to limited space in facilities and not wanting to mix populations, families with children; those who are not able to self-ambulate or people with pets will need to seek other refuge options, such as motel vouchers from our partnering agencies. These agencies have policies procedures and processes in place for these populations.

Severe Weather Center Location

The Severe Weather Center is located at Chilson Hills Church, Lower Level, 4440 Brighton Rd., Howell, MI 



Oakland, Livingston Human Services Agency (OLHSA)

Love, INC


Salvation Army