Severe Weather Network


Livingston County, Michigan

The Severe Weather Network (SWN) partners with community organizations, agencies, and faith communities to provide emergency, overnight refuge during the winter months for people experiencing homelessness in Livingston County.  SWN also connects individuals to community action agencies committed to providing the services necessary to assist homeless individuals with the transition into affordable housing.



Salvation Army and Cornerstone Church have made arrangements to provide meals for our former guests. We are assisting them financially. If you would like to help, please donate here.  

Severe Weather Center Closed (March 17, 2020)

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We need your help...

The Severe Weather Network is a non-profit organization that monetarily operates on donations and grants.  We lease property to utilize as overnight shelter.  We provide our guests with transportation to/from the shelter, access to laundry mat, cots, blankets, food snacks, and various personal care items. We financially assist guests transitioning into employment and permanent housing.  Please consider making a donation to assist the homeless of Livingston County.  (A receipt will be provided for tax purposes.)